Live music is one of the many wonderful things to be enjoyed in Second Life. First-class performers and hard-working managers and hosts deserve our support not only to show our appreciation but also so that our enjoyment can continue.

Where else can we enjoy such excellent live music at such a small cost ? Show your Linden Love !!!

Torben Asp at The Mother Stage - Friday 25 March 2011

Later on Friday I found an absolutely brilliant concert of electronic music integrated with a particle show, created and performed by Danish composer Torben Asp.


Torben has been performing live concerts in Second Life since October 2007. He composes and arranges his own original music with many inputs from a variety of different genres in his compositions.  He wants to create pictures and set us in a certain mood instead of being the next superstar.  He likes to call it Recreative Music.

Torben composes and performs electronic music of an ambient/new age kind.  His musical inspirations are: Sash!, Darude, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Vivaldi, Mozart and almost every other kind of good music that is around. 

Inchino Melson at The Waterfall, Calabria - Friday 25 March 2011

Last night I went to hear Russell Eponym sing at The Waterfall.  At the end of his wonderful concert he introduced the singer who was to follow him - the beautiful Inchino Melson.  There was a name I hadn't heard before, and so following Russell's advice I stayed to listen.

Chi has been singing and performing and enjoying music since she was 5 years old.  She started her musical training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London but dropped out when given the opportunity to work with some of the greatest musical theatre talents of our time.  The next 15 years involved travelling the globe working in and around theatre, film, television and live pop events.  

AM Quar at the Cottonfield Stage - Saturday 19 March 2011

On Saturday there was a great Spring Celebration at the Cottonfield Stage, Mississippi Delta with a Rockin' Night of 5 hours of Live Blues !!!
The formidable line-up of artists for this major event was as follows:

  6 PM   AM Quar   
  7 PM   Saint Skytower   
  8 PM   Jimmyt49 Dukes
  9 PM   Bluemonk Rau  
 10 PM  FacelessAPe Mefusula

AM Quar

I only planned to stay for the first hour of the event with the intention of blogging AM Quar.  In fact I stayed for all of Saint Skytower and the first half of Jimmyt49 Dukes as well, and oh how I wish I could have stayed for it all !!  

Circe Broom Celebrates The 5th Anniversary of Sunset Jazz Club !!

When Circe Broom owner and manager of The Sunset Jazz Club and Laurel Arts Isle mentioned in local chat that the club is five years old this week I couldn't resist the temptation of asking her if she would share with us, not only something about the history of the club, but also some of the secrets of her success.

Circe Broom at Sunset Jazz Club

I am very grateful indeed that Circe agreed to take time out from her busy schedule to give this interview.

James Corachea Raising Funds for Japan at Notes Shack Pub - Wednesday 16 March 2011

I first heard James Corachea last Sunday at Bonaire where NAG were holding their Guitar Players Fingerpicking Day.  It was immediately obvious that I was listening to real talent and very skilled and imaginative acoustic guitar playing of the finest quality !!  Yet again I was struck by how much good music there is to discover in Second Life, how easy it is to miss it and how lucky I had been to discover this formidable artist just by pure chance !!

James comes from the windswept rugged coast of Cornwall, UK.  He is a young up-and-coming acoustic guitarist who is among a small handful of those who explore the boundaries of the guitar's techniques to the full.

Having arrived part way through James' gig I was determined to go and listen to him again, and so Dottie and I headed to Notes Shack Pub on Wednesday.

Thom Silverfall at The LODGE - Tuesday 15 March 2011

Thom Silverfall is fairly new to live music in Second Life.  His audiences are still relatively small, his diary is almost empty, and his Group - Thom Silverfall Fans which was founded only this month still has only a handful of members.

Now Dottie and I have listened to a lot of artists in Second Life, and time only allows us to blog the best.  Some only get one chance to make a good impression and, in other cases my Time Zone SLT +8 makes it pretty difficult for me to stay awake long enough to blog them !!  Last night I was happy to stay up late to go along to The LODGE @ The Bluffs Center for the Arts and listen to Thom for the second time.  Why,  because he's a first class singer, a first class musician, he's fun and a great entertainer !!   

Thom has been performing at The LODGE The Bluffs Center for the Arts since February this year. He performs his own unique originals as well as popular cover songs, using a mix of guitars, synthesizers, looped sequences, computer effects and more. Everything is mixed and triggered live, with smooth vocals, soaring guitar solos, driving beats and sweet ballads. You'll hear everything from House to Trance to Blues to Pop to Jazz and Country. 

Elvina Carlucci at Fleure's Enchanted Corner - Saturday 12 March 2011

French singer / songwriter / acoustic guitarist Elvina Carlucci gave her weekly concert at Fleure's Enchanted Corner last night.  Elvi jokes that she's a woman first - she wants our hearts and our money :))  Listen to her passionate singing of songs about loneliness, war, rejection and emptiness and you soon realise there's much more to Elvi than that.

Elvi streams from Paris.  She plays covers and originals and enjoys singing songs from a wide variety of genres including soft rock and ballads. She sings songs from Ben Harper, Mylène Farmer, Bob Dylan and many more.

Andreus Gustafson at Starport Omega - Tuesday 8 March 2011

On Tuesday night Dottie and I were treated to the excellent and talented singing and playing of Andreus (Anj) Gustafson streaming live music from his home in Oak Ridge Tennessee to Starport Omega.

Keyboardist / guitarist / flautist / vocalist Anj Gustafson has been performing in real life for many years.  He has toured the USA, Japan and Korea in cover bands since the late 1980's, and since the summer of 2007 has been performing in Second Life.  He has a wide taste in music drawing on multiple styles including pop, alternative and progressive rock to sing popular covers and originals with something for everyone.

Russell Eponym and the Eponymous Family - March 2011

The subject of my first post of this year, on 1st January in fact, was Russell Eponym's concert at Alora Bay.  I was a wee bit shy in those days as that was only my 2nd blog post ever.  Looking at it now it seems a very brief record of a wonderful concert, and incomplete because it says little about the real Russell Eponym apart from already published information.  

So now two months later a couple of people have suggested that I should interview some of the artists I am writing about,  to give them a chance to tell it from their point of view,  and to develop my blog further by giving it greater depth and interest.  Blogging live music in SL is a great learning experience for me and I greatly appreciate the fact that Russell agreed to help me by taking time out from his busy schedule to talk about his work.

Russell Invites XUO xue on Stage
Fleure's Enchanted Corner 6 March 2011

fran6 Parkin at Bonaire - Thursday 3 March 2011

France has a great tradition and wealth of classical, folk and popular music. It continues to produce excellent music sometimes now based on styles played by immigrants from Africa, Latin America and Asia.  I have often wanted to find french live music in SL and last night I received a notice from the NAG Group which led me to their stage at Bonaire.

There fran6 Parkin entertained us with what he calls his jazzy french touch. Fran is a french songwriter and composer, performing in both SL and real life.
He plays live all original music on guitar, keyboard and loop station.  He sings mostly in french with a few words of english.

Cypress Rosewood at Fleure's Enchanted Corner - Sunday 27 February 2011

Cypress Rosewood is a well-established, very creative, skilled and professional performer of ambient and electronic music.  On Sunday he gave his monthly show in front of a very appreciative audience at Fleure's Enchanted Corner, and simultaneously in the InWorldz virtual world.

Fleure's notice for the event said " Come gently start your Sunday with the healing sounds of Cypress' flutes, guitars and synthesizers " Yes Fleure :)) healing and gently are perfect descriptive words here.