Live music is one of the many wonderful things to be enjoyed in Second Life. First-class performers and hard-working managers and hosts deserve our support not only to show our appreciation but also so that our enjoyment can continue.

Where else can we enjoy such excellent live music at such a small cost ? Show your Linden Love !!!

Saint Skytower at Sunset Jazz Club - 4pm Tuesday 26 April 2011


Saint Skytower is an established performer in Second Life, a professional blues, rock and jazz singer in both SL and the real world.  He sings covers to backing tracks and streams live from Washington DC.  On his profile he tells us :))

I'm a mad scientist! ... No really, I'm not kidding. 
I make maps. 
I am a part-time tree farmer. 
I teach at university sometimes. 
I'm a grad student. 
I'm a rock and roll star!

**<>*Go SAINT Go!  *<>**

Dottie and I have listened to Saint half a dozen times, not only at Sunset Jazz Club on Tuesdays where he is the first of the dream team - Saint, Vincent and Ganjo, but also at Hotlanta Blues on Sunday nights.  His song list is extensive from a number of genres, his show is very entertaining,  and we enjoy it every time !! 

Jimmyt49 Dukes at Moonshines Rockin' Blues Club - Thursday 21 April 2011

Dottie and I can't get enough of blues rock and on Thursday night we had the opportunity to go listen to Jimmyt49 Dukes, one of the greats of this genre in Second Life.  Jimmyt is a well-established performer in SL, very talented, very entertaining and very comfortable with his audience.

I'm not sure where Jimmyt is from, certainly the south, Texas or Virginia or somewhere in between y'all :))  He's an awesome guitarist and strong personality full of energy and power.  His voice is gravelly and throaty and full of grit !!  We had heard him twice before, at The Cottonfield, and at Fleure's Enchanted Corner, and now at steamy and swampy Moonshines Rockin' Blues Club, a new venue for us.

Kelvinblue Oh at the Cottonfield Stage, Saturday 16th April 2011

There was another great night of blues at the Cottonfield Stage last Saturday night !!  For Dottie and I anything at The Cottonfield Stage is a "must go" event and Skeat had ably organised another great line-up of performers for all to enjoy as follows:

6 PM Tone Uriza
7 PM Dan Lange Diavolo
8 PM Kelvinblue Oh
9 PM Strat Carver
10 PM Tribute to Johnny Winter by Lightening Productions

Dottie had given me great reports of Kelvinblue Oh and he was the one I wanted to blog this time.  Thanks Dottie :))

Born in Houston, Texas, Kelvinblue Oh is a bluesman with his heart in The Delta. His bio tells us that "he does Hendrix and Zydeco among other types of music.  Kevin Allen Navy (Composer, Guitarist and Lead Vocalist) AKA "Kelvinblue Oh" Founder of Knavy and the Blues On The Run Band.  Kelvinblue Oh will rock your venue or event with his amazing mix of electric blues and rock"  

The RAILS at The RAILS Nightclub - Wednesday 13th April 2011

Dottie and I had heard The RAILS twice before, first at Notes Shack Pub on 16th March raising funds for Japan, and then two weeks ago at The RAILS Nightclub.  Both times we found their hybrid indie rock / punk rock music and all original songs extremely good to listen and dance to, and had split our sides laughing at their brilliant repartee !!  Knowing that all four members of the band would be performing together again on Wednesday we happily returned to blog them !!

The RAILS, based in Toronto are from the left: Lolly Gladstone (Loulou Rails) on keys and vocals: Jill Garnet (Jenn LadyEvil) on bass guitar and harmonies ; Chops Baxton (Niall Mellors) on drums ; Jeremy Barracuda (Nick Rails) on guitar.  They began to perform in Second Life in Feb 2007. The full band is usually in SL for one show per week, but sometimes Lolly & Jeremy do a duet act too, backed by a vintage Oberheim drum machine.

Mamaa Saiz at The LODGE - Thursday 7 April 2011

On Thursday night Dottie and I went to listen to a very entertaining new singer at The LODGE, part of The Bluffs Centre for the Arts.  Mamaa Saiz  is a newcomer to performing in SL but he has played around Texas for many years including over a decade with the Kings of Komedy, Bowley and Wilson on the popular North Dallas Greenville Avenue nightlife strip. 

Mamaa plays acoustic guitar without backing tracks and his music ranges from jazz classics to country and western with some comedy and tear jerkers along the way.  He has been influenced by many musicians including Carlos Jobim, Glen Frye, James Taylor, and more. 

Shantu Selene at Fleure's Enchanted Corner - Friday 1 April 2011

Yesterday a major event was arranged by Fleure at her Enchanted Corner in order to raise funds for Relay For Life which supports efforts to cure cancer. Being April 1st Fleure had called her event Fools for a Cure, and as well as the entertainment provided free by a very talented programme of musical performers Fleure had also put a huge amount of work into constructing an extensive Carnival nearby.  I can testify to the great fun of the Carnival having spent almost an hour battling with and being battered by Dottie on the dodgems and the tremendous fits of laughter which that gave us :)))

In the evening I went back to listen to two of the musicians.  First was Elvina Carlucci who was at her most charming and entertaining best - thank you Elvina :))  Later I returned with the intention of blogging a new performer for me - Shantu Selene.