Live music is one of the many wonderful things to be enjoyed in Second Life. First-class performers and hard-working managers and hosts deserve our support not only to show our appreciation but also so that our enjoyment can continue.

Where else can we enjoy such excellent live music at such a small cost ? Show your Linden Love !!!

Noma Falta at The Atlas Club - Friday 28 January 2011

The recently renovated Atlas Club owned by Ayr Cazalet and her husband Jasper Dollinger had it's grand re-opening this weekend with a line-up of great artists including US blues rock guitarist and singer Noma Falta.

Noma radiates infectious enthusiasm, enjoying herself as she always does !!
She plays bass guitar and sings effortlessly with her playful, cheeky, husky voice :))

Sid Slade Extending A Helping Hand - Utopia and EnGedi Wednesday 26 January 2011

The recent massive flooding disasters first in Queensland and now Victoria have prompted SL artists and creators to organise Extend a Helping Hand (Jan 11th to Feb 8th) in order to raise money to help disaster victims.

I went along on Australia Day to see some of the major live music event which is part of this Flood Relief initiative. First in the morning when the australian band SOAR were performing and later in the day when Dottie and   I enjoyed the awesome contribution of englishman Sid Slade !

Frets Nirvana - Port of Hana Friday 21 January 2011

Frets is another artist whom I've heard sing and play more than once before. On Friday I was excited to have the opportunity to go and listen to him again, this time at the beach venue of Port of Hana !!

His bio tells us that he grew up in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio. While playing guitar for as long as he can remember, his love of that instrument developed into a focus on acoustic fingerstyle guitar.  His wide musical influences included fingerstyle masters Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, classic blues and rock players such as Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page and the Gypsy Swing player Django Reinhardt.

Maxx Sabretooth - Whispering Hearts Friday 14th January 2011

Maxx Sabretooth is another singer whom Dottie and I had had the pleasure of hearing before and we were very pleased to be able to attend his show on Friday.  He came to SL in 2009 and has been performing here for less than 2 years, though his musical career began much earlier - in Oklahoma at the age of 5 when he picked up his first trumpet !!

Maxx has 230 songs on his songlist - everything from Addicted to Love, to Build Me Up Buttercup, to Have I Told You Lately, to Mambo No 5, to You've Got A Friend.  His music spreads over a variety of genres - rhythm and blues, pop, jazz, soul, country, mottown.  He sings to backing tracks and whatever he covers he covers well !!

Somerset, Oh and Rhode - at Sunset Jazz Club Monday 10 January 2011

Charles Somerset, Bright Oh and Experiment Rhode - otherwise known as SOAR, are musicians from New South Wales,  Australia.  Their real life identities used to be active together musically until they spread geographically.  Now they use Second Life very successfully to collaborate, perform and entertain together again.

Tone Uriza - at Boondocks Lounge Friday 7 January 2011

Tone Uriza is Big Daddy Blues in Second Life. In real life he is Tony Uribe from Tucson Arizona founder and leader of the Torpedoes. He plays simultaneously in SL, on USTREAM TV and StreamJam which is planned to be a perpetual 24/7 online music festival with venues embedded on pages across the Web.

In Second Life Tone owns and performs at Blues Heaven where there are two music venues - Boondocks Lounge is a small and intimate club and bar. There is also an outdoor stage and beach area among palms. Even in Second Life the real life Tone dwarfs his avatar by his personality and presence. It's spooky to watch them side by side almost making exactly the same movements at exactly the same time !

Maximillion Kleene at Gwampas Kamp - Tuesday 4 January 2011

I first heard Maximillion Kleene sing about two years ago when he was already recognised as one of the best performers in Second Life.  On each of perhaps a dozen occasions that I've heard him since he's just got better and better ! Dottie and I were very pleased to be able to go to one of his concerts on Tuesday as it was the 6 months anniversary of our first meeting in Second Life :))

Max Kleene, who is from the Niagara Falls area of Canada, is an outstanding and masterful acoustic guitar player with a relaxed, easy-going style of singing and entertaining.  He combines his confident singing and playing with modesty and fun.  I'm sure this picture of his "through-the-guitar" style would make him smile :)   Most things are possible in Second Life !!

Russell Eponym at Alora Bay - Saturday 1 January 2011

One of my new year resolutions is to continue to add to and develop this blog throughout 2011.  Dottie is very supportive and helped me find the perfect artist and venue to start the new year and follow a long night of festivities on New Year's Eve.  I love you Dottie !!

The more I listen to live music in Second Life the more I am impressed by the number, variety and quality of artists here.  We had heard and enjoyed the singing of Russell Eponym once before but having listened to so many others since we had almost forgotten what an excellent artist he is !