Live music is one of the many wonderful things to be enjoyed in Second Life. First-class performers and hard-working managers and hosts deserve our support not only to show our appreciation but also so that our enjoyment can continue.

Where else can we enjoy such excellent live music at such a small cost ? Show your Linden Love !!!

Tone Uriza - at Boondocks Lounge Friday 7 January 2011

Tone Uriza is Big Daddy Blues in Second Life. In real life he is Tony Uribe from Tucson Arizona founder and leader of the Torpedoes. He plays simultaneously in SL, on USTREAM TV and StreamJam which is planned to be a perpetual 24/7 online music festival with venues embedded on pages across the Web.

In Second Life Tone owns and performs at Blues Heaven where there are two music venues - Boondocks Lounge is a small and intimate club and bar. There is also an outdoor stage and beach area among palms. Even in Second Life the real life Tone dwarfs his avatar by his personality and presence. It's spooky to watch them side by side almost making exactly the same movements at exactly the same time !

Tony was born in Ajo, Arizona in 1955 and he's been playing guitar for 45 years.  He plays electric blues on his Fender Telecaster.  He sings and plays with passion, with heart and soul and feeling the music he so clearly loves.

Besides performing great covers, Tone also writes, records, publishes, produces, and owns all his original music through his company TRU Blues Records.

Tone is a very talented musician and singer and therefore sometimes I wish he would sing a bit more and talk a bit less during performances. He leaves you wanting more !!   He never mentions the titles of his songs which makes blogging them a wee bit difficult.  Perhaps this is something of the blues singer - singing from the heart when the urge arises, not according to timetables or titles.

Tone sang  a great rendition of  Iko Iko - a much-covered New Orleans song that tells of a parade collision between two "tribes" of Mardi Gras Indians. The song, under the original title Jock-A-Mo, was written in 1953 by James "Sugar Boy" Crawford in New Orleans.
"Jock-a-mo" was the original version of the song recorded by the Dixie Cups in 1965. Their version came about by accident. They were in a New York City studio for a recording session when they began an impromptu version of "Iko Iko", accompanied only by drumsticks on studio ashtrays.

My grandma and your grandma were sittin by the fire
My grandma told your grandma   "I'm gonna set your flag on fire"

Talkin' 'bout
Hey now
Hey now
Iko iko an nay
Jockomo feena ah na nay
Jockomo feena nay ...... ..... .... ...

Tone chuckles and laughs and drinks diet pepsi. He speaks good spanish often with romantic content. Hanging above the stage is Tone's tip torpedo.  He has a sexy voice and gets very suggestive tips ... 69 linden dollars at a time.

Tone sings - My Baby Don't Wear No Panties by mean Gene Kelton and the Diehards -

I took her for a ride, in my drop-top cadillac
She put one foot in the front seat, and one foot in the back
The full moon was shinin' , and she began to squeal
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel

My baby don't wear no panties
Ask me how I know
She says she likes that natural feelin'
And she knows it turns me on ...... ..... .... ...

Dottie and I had a great evening at Boondocks listening to good blues music in a the steamy atmosphere of a friendly bar.

Beside the bar is a shop where there is more information about Tone and a place to buy his CD Bad Juju.

The tracks on the CD are -

1 - Bad Juju
2 - Nothing Or Half The Cure
3 - TFQ (The French Quarter)
4 - Some Kind Of Wonderful
5 - 200 Pounds (Of Heavenly Joy)
6 - Silhouette
7 - My Babe
8 - How I Feel
9 - Gimme' My Broom
10 - Damn Your Eyes

Here's the SLURL to get to Boondocks Lounge -

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