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Noma Falta at The Atlas Club - Friday 28 January 2011

The recently renovated Atlas Club owned by Ayr Cazalet and her husband Jasper Dollinger had it's grand re-opening this weekend with a line-up of great artists including US blues rock guitarist and singer Noma Falta.

Noma radiates infectious enthusiasm, enjoying herself as she always does !!
She plays bass guitar and sings effortlessly with her playful, cheeky, husky voice :))

Her second song of the evening was that well-covered blues song -
Third Degree   Watch out Eric Clapton !

Got me accused of peeping
I can't see a thing
Got me accused of petting
I can't even raise my hand

Bad luck
Bad luck is killing me ...... ..... .... ...

Her bio tells us that Noma has played all around the United States and some overseas as well.  From her first duo gig in a coffee shop to a 12-piece Soul band to 3 piece Blues bands.

Alluding to the new logo of the club she told the audience " I'm glad I got the ticket !  We missed the Atlas Club !! "

Noma followed with Walking By Myself   Watch out Gary Moore !!

You know I love you.
You know it's true.
Give you all my love, babe.
What more can I do?

Walking by myself,
I hope you'll understand.
I just want to be your lovin' man ...... ..... .... ...

The Atlas Club (3rd generation) is a huge grungy barn full of character and atmosphere, and a brilliant setting for live music.  Its large capacity was tested to the full when at the height of her performance Noma had a massive and well-deserved audience of 58 people !!

I loved Noma's fine rendition of - Little By Little  Watch out B.B. King !!

Baby, out all night
Until the break of day
Snap me up in everything I say
Little by little
Only you know that I can see
Bit by bit
Your love is slipping away from me ...... ..... .... ...

Next came - Love Me Like A Man  Watch out Bonnie Raitt !!

Men that I've been seeing, baby
Got their soul up on a shelf
you know they could never love me
When they can't even love themselves

But I need someone to love me
Someone to really understand
Who won't put himself above me
Who’ll just love me like a man ...... ..... .... ...

Noma is as entertaining to watch as well as listen to !! She moves around a lot on stage, has great facial expressions,  and I love her going-down-on-knees animation :))

Then came another Bonnie Raitt song - Love Letter

Sitting in front of your house
Light rain in the early dawn
Working on a love letter
With the radio on
Got my eye on your window pane
And I smoke a lot of cigarettes
Mercy, mercy, but love is strange
And you haven't even kissed me yet
Whip come to push,
Push comes to shove
Shove comes to touch
Touch will come to love
Working on a love letter
Listening to a love song
I'm writing you a love letter, love letter
With the radio on ...... ..... .... ...

Noma puts everything into her performances, she sang eleven songs in the hour !  The man who spent the show on his back on the floor puzzled us all but I'm certain he was awake !!  All except the last of her songs were blues and her blues certainly took our blues away !!  

She ended on a high note  "Let's party ..... Woooooooooooooo !!!  "

Noma could not have expressed it better when she said - "We create a vibe in SL and it fascinates me ! "

I can't say this enough but Noma is a consummate performer, a true rock star. We can't wait for your next show Noma !!

 "Stop my avatard ....kisses everyone  !! "

Her website tells us that Noma is a musician playing blues and soulful rock in virtual worlds and in-person around the globe.  Although  she is a classically trained  violinist, at a young age, she left a 10 year career with symphonies  to pursue her love of singing and playing live rock and blues music - and never looked back.  Gospel and blues are the foundations of her singing. 

Here's the link:

Here's the SLURL to get to the Atlas Club:

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