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Somerset, Oh and Rhode - at Sunset Jazz Club Monday 10 January 2011

Charles Somerset, Bright Oh and Experiment Rhode - otherwise known as SOAR, are musicians from New South Wales,  Australia.  Their real life identities used to be active together musically until they spread geographically.  Now they use Second Life very successfully to collaborate, perform and entertain together again.

Dottie and I were thrilled to enjoy their concert at Sunset Jazz Club on Monday.  It was the second time we had listened to them.  Lead singer Bright Oh on guitar and experiment Rhode on keyboard played and sang more of their beautiful songs, though unfortunately Charles Somerset could not join them this time.

They sing all original songs ... on Monday 10 out of the very many they have written.  Their genre is a mixture of folk, pop, country.  For me their songs are very romantic in the widest sense. The lyrics are so poignant and the songs so beautifully sung that they can easily produce tears.  Many are about lost love and heartbreak. 

Bright began with one of his favourites   Kansas Skies
...... you know the winds of change blow  .... and all that is left I see in Kansas skies .....

He joked about how many songs he could sing if he didn't talk so much and said such a concert was being planned for the near future.  Also planned is a concert on Valentine's Day.

Not sung on Monday but sung on our first visit to a SOAR concert is their song written by Mariposa Upshaw and Experiment Rhode about the australian bushfire disaster in February 2009 - Too Many Tears

A Random Spark, From The Devil's Hand
Brought Destruction on Our Beautiful Land
No Time To Escape The Smoke Filled Skies
Hundreds of Lives in The Blink of An Eye ...... ..... .... ...

Bright commented on the massive and devastating floods now hitting Queensland almost exactly two years later.

My favourite song of theirs is Calling in Your Dreams a near certainty to be sung on Valentine's Day ..... 

And All of Your Dreams Sweet Girlish Dreams
Will Flow Into Words Especially For Me
The Rest of Our Lives Sharing Things Like This
I'm calling in your dreams with this my sweetest kiss ...... ..... .... ...

Circe Broom-Merricks and Vincent Merricks stood quietly beside the stage enjoying the stunningly beautiful music as did everyone else present.  Thank you Circe and Vince for bringing such wonderful music to us !!

Bright jokes that this is a show which helps people to get to sleep. Well yes it does in the best sense of the word !  I can't wait to hear more songs of theirs at their next concert !!

Happiness is SOARing !!!

More information about Somerset Oh and Rhodes can be found on their website:

and also on REVERBNATION

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Here's the SLURL to get to The Sunset Jazz Club


  1. Charming and generous review of us Gold. Thank you very much :)

  2. Thank you SOAR :) Look forward to attending another show of yours soon :)