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The RAILS at The RAILS Nightclub - Wednesday 13th April 2011

Dottie and I had heard The RAILS twice before, first at Notes Shack Pub on 16th March raising funds for Japan, and then two weeks ago at The RAILS Nightclub.  Both times we found their hybrid indie rock / punk rock music and all original songs extremely good to listen and dance to, and had split our sides laughing at their brilliant repartee !!  Knowing that all four members of the band would be performing together again on Wednesday we happily returned to blog them !!

The RAILS, based in Toronto are from the left: Lolly Gladstone (Loulou Rails) on keys and vocals: Jill Garnet (Jenn LadyEvil) on bass guitar and harmonies ; Chops Baxton (Niall Mellors) on drums ; Jeremy Barracuda (Nick Rails) on guitar.  They began to perform in Second Life in Feb 2007. The full band is usually in SL for one show per week, but sometimes Lolly & Jeremy do a duet act too, backed by a vintage Oberheim drum machine.

On cue the curtain opened ! The four were already in place and The Sound Checking Song began :))

Sounds pretty good but we need more monitors .....

Can we get another light on the drummer .....
Come on everybody let's hear it all together ..... 

Check check !!

Lolly Gladstone

The Wikipedia definition of repartee " the wit of the quick answer and capping comment: the snappy comeback and neat retort "  could easily have been written by The RAILS !!

Voices came from all quarters, the blogger's keyboard rattled away, so much was lost and missed but here is a quickly snatched impression of the fun ....

" I have a special announcement ... this is the first show when I've been hit on the head by a drumstick ... 2 minute break to find the lost drumstick ... I was a drumstick virgin ..... ....."

There's never a dull moment with The RAILS, it's hilarious, out of breath, energetic fun without a break for an hour !!  

The second song began :)) The insistent somewhat downbeat voice of Lolly, the keyboards giving a very credible impersonation of an organ, great bass, percussion and guitar - great music !!  

Looking For A Good Time

If you go up the hill behind the old mansion .....
we were looking for ....
looking for a good time
a happy time
looking for a good time .... woah woah woah woah

Jeremy Barracuda
" Can I have a bit more bass please .... more bass in my face ....lets have a vote on the bass .... .... "  My keyboard was too slow to capture all this !!

Jill Garnet

Their next song  Penny On The Tracks  has a dominant randy feel to it !!

Like the penny on the tracks you don''t stand a chance baby ! ......
I've got a heart of gold and I'm burning to go !! baby !!

Can you hear it coming from miles away .....
I'm a teenager chase trains out of town baby

Can you hear it coming from miles away !!!
miles away !!!!

Their banter then ranged from ... whether they would grope and tell ... to how many minutes were needed for a quickie and the need to do a survey on this :))

Impossible to be Loved about SL sex was a logical progression .....

He logged in with his password .......
The server waits for him and his girl ......
Clear your memory before you do ...........

Chops Baxton

" Have you seen that show Dance Your Ass Off ?  .... dancing in order to lose weight .... are they wearing anything ? .... not enough .... it's a new show with everybody behind a screen singing .... Armpit Fart Legends is the name of the show .... .... "

To an insistent tango rhythm the band played and Lolly sang on -

What's the name of the band again ?

Describe your music, who do you sound like ?
What category do you say that it was ?

Where do you say you're from again ?
Allow me to present, what did you say that you were called ?
.... .... ....
allow me to present my ignorance
allow me to put in my two cents

We erupted into uncontrollable laughter at the next bout of banter " Is your guitar farting Jeremy ? .... while my guitar gently farts .... " and the magic of the internet carried Jeremy's armpit farting sounds almost instantaneously around the world, even to the remotest parts of the scottish highlands where the local red grouse stirred and stood erect !!

A discussion of sucking and passing neatly gave a context for their next song Modern Lovers

I will always be your modern lover
I will always be
you can count on me
just you wait and see
I will try to make your life better

The music had a " wow wow " sound .... " I like the way you wow wow .... I'm a good wowwow .... I've quit my dayjob :)))))))))))))) .... screw the boss man !! .... well not that boss man .... it's hard to leave my place but I've got to go anyway .... see you boss !!

" While he was applying sunscreen I answered a call of nature beside the car .... he saw me  " merged into the next song

Finger the wheel
Drumming the tips
Put your foot on the down BEAT !!
Take a sweet ride you're king of the road

dashlight dashlight
will you overtake me !!!!

" I can hear a Toronto ambulance, they're coming to take me away ... our studio cat ....I think he flicked me off .... gotta be careful he doesn't give you cat snatch fever .... "

Shouts out to RAILS Hostess Miss Brucie Lusch " We really appreciate how amazingly dedicated and cute you are !! "

Miss Brucie Lusch


Give me power show me the red light
I want some feedback before I am done !!
can't play without my amplifier
I am amplified !!

Don't unplug me and don't you turn me down
I have only one more song to sing !!

train sounds ...........................the show was over :(

No amount of blogging can really do justice to The RAILS, you have to go and listen to them !!

It's really evident how much they enjoy what they are doing and their enjoyment is contagious :))  Their show is high-energy from start to finish with not a second of downtime !!

and ... OMG I really hope I haven't ruined all their jokes :(

More about The RAILS and many other Second Life live music performers can be found in our linked blog - HERE

Here is the SLURL to get to RAILS Nightclub

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