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Zorch Boomhauer and Lexie Luan at Holy Moon - 5pm Thursday 14 July 2011

This is my second blog posting of the Moonacy Writer Sessions.  This Thursday the event was held in the Church of the Holy Moon again on the Moongrow Farm sim. 

Zorch and Lexie

Zorch and Lexie entertained us on voice and acoustic guitar for the first hour of the evening :))  Together they call themselves Kinagree Smith and the full band also includes Ira Segall on drums.  Ira joined them for this session and added his great percussive sounds to the stream, though he has no avatar in SL.  As with all music in the Moonacy Sessions Zorch and Lexie played 100% acoustic originals.

" We're going to kick off with something we like to call music "

Sweet Taste Of Home is a rousing tuneful opener.  The unique sound of the band has something medieval and celtic, it's happy melodic folk rock, the tune and chorus enter your mind and you might find you're singing it hours later :))

Shout it from the mountains
Singin' in the valleys down below
Calm is a constant
We will surely reap the things we sow
Step out of time
The perfect crime
Throughout the ages
Go lead the fight
We'll get it right
...... ..... ....
Sweet taste of home
Sweet taste of home
...... ..... ....

Their two voices are nicely balanced and complementary, the percussion is an indispensable ingredient, to the uniqueness.

" Welcome to listeners on Indiespectrum Radio "
" We're going to be mixing it up tonight ... anything can happen "

And fate was tempted :(( a notice came on screen that the region would close for maintenance in five minutes.

The show continued, the stream would still to be heard by listeners on Indiespectrum Radio.  And we teleported away to the words of the next song

We all fall down
ashes to ashes
We all fall down
where do we land

Luckily the enforced interval only lasted about 5 minutes :))  On return Zorch told us of one of the earliest recorded instances of a folk singer being hung for his words, and that folk singing and anarchists often seem to go together. He continued the tradition with ....

...... ..... ....
my folk music wants to kick your ass
every politician is a lying clown
there's no profit margin on losing your soul
...... ..... ....

A song of lost love followed with Lexie singing  I'm Stranded

Is there anybody out there that can look inside my head
I've got a great big heart
I'm stranded
You told me that you love me
You walked away with my heart and soul
You left me stranded here with this great big hole

And the next about hurt Your Words is free to anyone on their mailing list on Reverbnation

Don't you know that you're breaking my heart with your words
Don't you know that you're tearing me apart with your words
How come you must a little bit
Why can't you be considerate
I don't think I can take any more
Why do you want to hurt my pride
Your words really hurt me deep inside
...... ..... ....

" It's crazy here at Moonacy I think we should call this the loonacy session "

In fact there were only perhaps half a dozen in the audience there.  I don't know how many listen on Indiespectrum.  The band deserved more support than that.

I Don't Wanna Be Your Throwaway Girl was a plea to gentlemen to listen out ... I'm free, there's nothing wrong with me ......

Bouncing off the Rubber Sky about the dilemma we often face ... now you cannot tell if he's devil or angel ...... 



And their last song was about questioning your state of mind Am I Dreaming

Live with me the poetry that I have read ......
Even when you are not there I know I'm not alone ......
Am I dreaming ......

Yes, the original songs of Kinagree Smith are worth a listen, the subject matter and words interesting, their presentation entertaining.  Their folk rock sound is unique and tuneful.  So go and try them out and see what you think :))

Further information about Kinagree Smith and many other Second Life live music performers can be found in our linked blog HERE

Here is the link to my first Moonacy Sessions posting for some more background.

Holy Moon is a tiny somewhat neglected wee church with a large graveyard infested with big spiders and watched over by black crows, and vultures.

Here is the SLURL to get to Holy Moon

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