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PM Bookmite at Key West Marina and at Nic's House of Tunes - 18 and 20 July 2011

PM Bookmite, Phillip Mitchell in the real world is a prolific writer and composer of pop, soulful pop, and rock pop songs and music for piano.  He has already released four albums - Soul 2007, Soul II  2008, The Second Act 2010, and Therapy 2010.  You can find his songs from Soul and Soul II on Spotify.  He is a very talented and impressive artist and we are very lucky to have him play for us virtually for free in Second Life !!

Dottie and I have heard PM 3 or 4 times now and each time he seems to get better and better !!  ... and more and more confident performing in the SL environment.  Last week we heard him at Sweet Whispers and on Monday night we were thrilled to go along to Key West Marina for more :))

PM streams from Atlanta Georgia.  He plays mostly originals in the Elton John / Ben Folds / Billy Joel vein.  Real world Phillip Mitchell is an english professor, song and prose writer.

I really like Key West Marina ... yes I do !!  For some reason I seem to crash more there than most other venues.  Monday night was no exception with crashes occurring whenever I tried to take a snapshot.  And so we went to Nic's House of Tunes on Wednesday to listen to PM again :))  and get some more pictures.

Of the 11 songs which PM sang during his Key West show 10 were originals. His 2nd of the night was his very bouncy Superman from his album The Second Act -

Superman, swing on down to pick you up from the city
You were crawling around
It's a nice wish baby
But it ain't coming true
And if you want a superman
To fly you back to the moment in time
When your love fell flat
There's an empty sky
And what are you gonna do ...... ..... .... ...

" Got a little bit carried away with that :)) "

Playing a few bars of Lady Madonna he told us that he got hooked on bouncy tunes during his Beatles phase and just couldn't get away from it ... then he got into the Beach Boys and that further solidified his sound !

Committed is from his album Therapy.  

Look at me baby 
Look at you 
You're in your white wedding dress 
In a padded room 
Look at you baby 
Look at me 
I traded my tuxedo in for a chance to be free 
so while you savor every taste of wedding cake 
I gotta car out back just for my great escape

Hmm not so very committed :)) 

PM has a sexy mellow, styish voice. The piano on this one has something of Randy Newman.

Church Sunday from Soul II is one of his many pretty songs and it's one of my favourites with its rhythm and power and interesting, perhaps controversial lyrics -

Leave your expectations at the door babe
You ain't gonna need that cross any more
I got somethin' that'll save your soul
Keep your spirits high every day you roll
Take off that dress you're wearing
Say a prayer for the life you're leaving
...... ..... ....

" Hallelujah ! "

..... raises hands like the Pentecostals... LOL

" Even I say Hallelujah when he sings this ! "

...... when the spirit gets ya, it doesn't matter where it comes from...  LOL

PM told us that he is an ordained minister  " I'm not practising any more "

Lizzy Nightfire - PM's Manager

There were 35 or so in the audience in the middle of PM's show.

Then a new song ... love poetry in song -

love is not an echo from the past
love is not an ocean raging fast
love is all I've known and it's enough to keep us fed
love is all I've known and it's enough to be content ....
love is all I want and all I want is to be with you ....
love is all I know and all I want to know is you ....

Then from Therapy Human a song he wrote at a really low point in his life -

it's good just to breathe in 
it's good just to wait for the moment to pass 
it's good to be human 
it's good to feel love when you're falling fast 

it's good to remember 
somewhere ahead you will see the light 
it's good to find shelter 
here in the arms of a friend tonight 

and though you walk in shadows now 
tomorrow you'll be dancing inside the sun 
I will never let you down 
I will carry you like a lover should
...... ..... .... 

And more love poetry in song -

and when times illusions
fall away in disgrace
we will be there
and theres nothing at all
that i wouldnt do
to be in this moment
forever with you
like two statues
carved in stone

The stream was lost !!

" Hey get him back he's good !! "

Yes he did come back :))
Long December by Counting Crows is one of only two non-originals I've heard him sing.  The other was a very slowed down version of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run for piano.

A long December and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last
...... ..... ....


We heard more and different songs at Nic's House of Tunes.  He told us that he's currently working on an interesting Soul III project and gave us some sneak peeks :)))

Phoenix Hill from Therapy begins wistfully and develops into one of those beautiful melodies which stay in your head for ages......

You drove all night from Illinois
To meet me there on phoenix hill
And everything was beautiful
You took my hand and said my name
You asked me if I felt the same
I said a hundred fold
Your eyes, sad under lights on the street
We danced while the world was asleep
Then fell into secrets we’ll keep 

Oh and PM sings his own special birthday song.  Request it :)))))

Leave the TV On from Soul II is another pretty song

You sit down in your coffee dress
I turn to touch you but
You won't address me
And if I try to tell you
Just how it makes me feel
Think you'll turn this ship around
...... ..... ....

PM has an effortless, beautiful, sensitive touch and great feel on piano ...

His last song from his 2010 album The Second Act Goth Girl is a fun song often requested in Second Life :)) Yes PM takes requests too !!

Well you say you're a vampire
Oooo I think that's scary
You said dad disowned you
Because of blood that you carry
You say you hate the In crowd ah!
Say they're all phoneys
Keep swinging those chains baby
And you'll soon own me
...... ..... ....
Come on goth girl let me in
I hope you can understand
That I can be the man you want
Don't you wanna get witchy with me
...... ..... ....

Good rhythm, good tension, and a flexible voice !!

" Wonderful show PM :))) "

Further information about PM Bookmite and many other Second Life live music performers can be found in our linked blog HERE

Here is the SLURL to get to Key West Marina

Here is the SLURL to get to Nic's House of Tunes

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