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The Moonacy Writer Sessions at Moon Farm - 5pm Thursday 12 May 2011

The Moonacy Writer Sessions have a unique format for live music in Second Life.  Each Thursday a string of 6 artists sing all original songs and play acoustic guitar for half an hour each from 5 to 8pm.  

Facilitator and driving force behind these events is landowner Moondoggirl Moomintoog based in Nashville.  Also central to the events is Fox Reinsch of IndieSpectrum Radio.  The sole purpose of ISR is to expose more people to the amazing talent of the musicians in Second Life, and to promote their efforts as independent musicians by playing their original works.  ISR simultaneously broadcasts the Sessions every week.


Dottie and I have been to these sessions once before but it was our first time at the Moon Farm venue.  We arrived at 5-45 half way through Beth Odets session.  I had previously thought of Beth only as a fairly quiet relay fiddle player, assisting other singers around the grid.  Oh how my view of Beth has changed !

Beth Odets
The other side of Beth can be surprisingly irreverent !  Her songs cover a very wide range of subject matter and we arrived to  " F... me now or go home " 

Pinnochio a creepy lullaby followed -

Now listen up children and listen well
Your lives are no longer your own
Now play the game Pinnochio
Tears are only permitted for those who are real
...... ..... ....

then .... as trains are often a metaphor for sex -

I'm on his train through
it's still moving you see
gotta do what we gotta do to keep ourselves sane
so boy grease up your tracks for this girl's coming back
...... ..... ....

and then .... her daughter and best friend had come from school in Texas on a snow day -

2 kids are great, a real big treat but 3 !
I looked at child named number 3
" My names Molly, I came here on the spaceship "
we fixed her up a room ...... ..... ....

and then ! .... I'm in love with your meaty white stallion ...... ..... ....

Beth had no time to play a fiddle song !!

Fox Reinsch

Moondoggirl told us that Moon Farm is based on one just outside Nashville, with BBQ, corn fields, a fire pit, and mud .... lots of mud !!

She began with -

You say you got your truck stuck !
Waist deep in Mississippi mud !
Took you two days to get unstuck !
You tell me that your cell phone has been missing all your calls !

I'll believe that when the cows come home !
...... ..... ....

" Now ladies just answer if this always happens to you :)) "

Don't mind me just had a shower
Always answer the door just in a towel
Got some lemonade already spiked
...... ..... ....

Come on in step inside
Wear your muddy boots across my floors any time
...... ..... ....

There were 19 people in the audience at Moon Farm and more listening on ISR. Moondoggirl sang six of her originals in the half hour and that short time passes quickly especially when you are enjoying yourself !!

" Let's thank Fox for getting us all online and IndieSpectrum Radio ! What a cool thing to have your music played all over Second Life ! "

Capos Calderwood
Texan Capos began with -

Ride a trail with my old friend jack
Apache wind you're blowing cold tonight
I don't think you'll ever be my friend
You old apache wind

then -

Got my feet on the ground 
Got my head in the sky
I got a little bitty dog and a one-eyed cat
I don't know how they got to be that way 
but it's ok
...... ..... ....

*·.·  Yeeeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Hoooooo!  ·.·*
Pretty good guitar playin    He's got it goin on !

Of the three, Capos certainly played the best guitar with some awesome riffs !!  At a guess his name might just arise from the capos he uses to raise the pitch of his guitar :)

and then driving on the freeways around Dallas -

Daddy let me drive
Let me take the wheel
I can sit there on your lap and you can let me steer

I'll drive you to the liquor store
You don't have to worry dad you can drink it while I steer

Daddy let me drive I wanna drive like you

and then appropriately for Moon Grow Farm with its alien spaceship -

I shot down to every bar in town just looking for a place to drink

I saw something that made me stare ... little green men
...... ..... ....

I wanna fly this alien spaceship
I wanna head out among the stars
Past Jupiter and Saturn looking for some honky tonk bars
Those little green women they looked pissed  !!
...... ..... ....

and more fun with -

Take the t and a out of Texas we can spell sex
She's the sexiest speller you met
...... ..... ....
She put's the t and a in texas so you can have fun with your alphabet
...... ..... ....

loud yahooos  !!!!!  :))))))))))))))

It's difficult to fit Beth or Moondoggirl or Capos music into specific genres.  A predominantly country, folksy, cowboy feel might sum it up :))  Certainly the artists we heard were high quality, their music and songs new and fresh and entertaining.  We had fun at Moon Farm and enjoyed the Moonacy Writer Sessions very much !!  We will definitely go again !!

Here is the SLURL for Moon Farm

You can listen to and request songs by many artists including Beth and Moondoggirl here on IndieSpectrum Radiox

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