Live music is one of the many wonderful things to be enjoyed in Second Life. First-class performers and hard-working managers and hosts deserve our support not only to show our appreciation but also so that our enjoyment can continue.

Where else can we enjoy such excellent live music at such a small cost ? Show your Linden Love !!!

SaraMarie Philly Raising Money for Wildfire Victims at Solana's Place - 6pm Wednesday 29th June 2011

On Thursday June 16th Benski Korhonen of The Frytown Toughs did a show in Second Life.  Soon after that, his family was evacuated from their home due to the raging wildfires in Arizona.  Last Tuesday Benski told me that 94 families had tragically lost their homes thus far, and approximately 16,000 people have had to flee the area, and many more had no idea what they would return home to. The fire was only about 17 % contained and about 5,300 structures remained threatened. The size of the fire totalled 26,956 acres. 

Solana Python, Benski's manager had quickly organized a benefit concert for last Wednesday to raise money for the Arizona Monument Fire victims.  Dottie and I were very pleased to be invited to go along and to show our support. Great credit is due to Solana for arranging such a brilliant and entertaining event at such short notice !  Many thanks are due to all the artists who donated their time and energy free for this good cause !!

In fact Solana's Place was well alight with flames erupting everywhere and just one of the many fires would be put out for every 5,000 lindens raised !!  

We made two visits to the event, first at 2pm to listen to Wytchwhisper Sodofsky,  then at 6pm with the intention of blogging SaraMarie Philly.  

Wytchwhisper was totally unknown to us before this event but watch this space !!  She has rocketed close to the top of my toblog list !!  One little hint :))  Have you ever heard a domestic cat sing ?


The first thing that strikes you about SaraMarie is her ease with the audience, her very pleasant manner, and her modest and fun approach to her music.  In fact it's not surprising that Sara Tiemogo graduated from university in 2010 with a degree in Music Education.  She has the ability to inspire, to put at ease, to entertain, and to wow her audience.  Above all SaraMarie has a beautiful, pure, melodic and stylish voice.  

SaraMarie returned to performing in Second Life earlier this year after a break.  Her popularity and audience are growing again rapidly.  She streams from Philadelphia and is very ably managed by Lo Bloch.

SaraMarie Philly

SaraMarie sings originals and covers, playing piano beautifully and effortlessly, sometimes experimenting with a beat maker for fun and interest.

Her second song of the evening was an original Red

Red is my new favorite color in my head
Not blue, its another hue instead
Its red Red
Cause Red is what I see when I replay the words you said
Lyin’ in a puddle on my bed
You said You don’t love me anymore
Red Red

For me this song has the essence of SaraMarie's music.  Definitely one of my favourites !!
Benski Korhonen

Then SaraMarie sang English girl Leona Lewis's 2008 single Footprints in the Sand

You walked with me
Footprints in the sand
And helped me understand
Where I'm going
You walked with me
When I was all alone
With so much I know along the way
Then I heard you say
...... ..... ....

Oh what a wonderful rendition !!  SaraMarie has a certain style in her voice which I find very difficult to describe but which thrills and fills me with sublime emotion !

Solana Python

A jaunty and fun original Apple Tree followed
You got me fallin' right out the apple tree ...... 

Then Otis Redding's 1967 song Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay released after his tragic death in an air crash becoming the first posthumous Number 1 single in US chart history.  SaraMarie's rendition was powerful !!

Lo Bloch - SaraMarie's Manager

Especially for Lo and Solana, SaraMarie sang Christine Aguilera's Beautiful 

Every day is so wonderful
Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed
I am beautiful no matter what they say
...... ..... ....

" Lo is helping me on my quest to share my music with SL :)) "

Followed by an original Babbling Song

Please forgive me, I'm babbling again ......
I can go on and on and on and on and on ......

Laughter :)) Sometimes there are little mistakes or hesitations if SaraMarie forgets the words of a new song but none of them matter !!  She really is so good !!

"Let's play something I don't suck at ... " Come on now SaraMarie !! You're brilliant !!

The Beatles 1965 song Yesterday is a natural one for her voice and style. Again absolutely beautiful !!

SaraMarie was born in Indiana and sang an original she wrote for her sister
Elizabeth I miss your eyes and the skies of Indiana ......

followed by Carole King's You've Got A Friend  SaraMarie has a strong, powerful melodic voice and the style and ability which allows her to make this and any song her own.  

There were only 14 people in the audience :((  SaraMarie deserves an audience of 50 and could crash a sim, I'm certain of it !!

Her 17th and last song of the evening was the much-covered ballad from 1981 Open Arms by San Francisco rock band Journey.  Again a great choice allowing SaraMarie to bring her style and voice to bear and wow the audience with ease !!


SaraMarie has a wonderful talent and she has the ability to be a real star !! For me she definitely has the X Factor and you will fall in love with her voice too :))

Next to sing was Strat Carver.  When Dottie and I had to leave to get some sleep the total of money raised was 42,419 lindens.

Strat Carver

Once again Second Life has shown itself to be a loving, caring community :)) Music has the power to inspire and mobilise,  musicians rise to meet the needs of those who badly need help !!  

For anyone who would like to send a check, they can be made out to REAL WISHES FOUNDATION; address: 125 South 2nd Street; Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635 USA... Please make notation: Monument Fire Relief Fund, Second Life Concert.

Further information about SaraMarie Philly and many other Second Life live music performers can be found in our linked blog HERE

Here's the SLURL to get to Solana's Place


  1. Thank you so much for posting this review of my performance! Your words were so kind. :)

  2. You're very welcome SaraMarie :)) My words were true :))