Live music is one of the many wonderful things to be enjoyed in Second Life. First-class performers and hard-working managers and hosts deserve our support not only to show our appreciation but also so that our enjoyment can continue.

Where else can we enjoy such excellent live music at such a small cost ? Show your Linden Love !!!

MommaLuv Skytower at NAG, SL8B and Cat's Club Music Circus - 17 to 21 June 2011

I listened to MommaLuv for the very first time on Friday 17th June at NAG's Festival for Finest Electronic and Progressive Music.  Wow, what a great artist !!!  MommaLuv combines her music, singing, personality and particle-effects to create a brilliant and colourful show !!!  I wasn't in blogging mode but took a few snapshots and knew I had to listen to her again and do a full review later.

MommaLuv's music is mostly originals with a lot of collaborative pieces. Reis and Ald Alter arrived towards the end of Momma's show to sing and play together and perfect their dual streaming.  MommaLuv's American brand of progressive electronica and trip hop, and the Brazilian/Italian style of Reis and Ald are very complementary and very pleasing to listen to together :))


MommaLuv had told us that she would be doing a 2 hour show on the first day of Second Life's 8th Birthday celebrations on Monday 20th June !!  Dottie and I headed over to the SL8B Main Stage ready for fun :))

The SL8B Main Stage is a huge area for this grand event and there was a biggish audience of 40 or so people.  MommaLuv had members of her Group, Ministry of Peace.Luv.& Mayhem on stage with her to add to the effect and enjoy the fun :)))  In fact MommaLuv sings to her own backing tracks, or those made with her musical collaborators.

Volunteers were in the audience to distribute SL8B gifts, including sparklers, T-shirts and birthday cake, and there was a great festive atmosphere helped along by MommaLuv's colourful personality and particle-effects, and her powerful, lively music.  MommaLuv is a great choice for a big party :))))

Dottie was sparkling :))

Massive greyness at the start of the show made blogging photography a faint hope and in fact taking the snapshots themselves caused me to crash !!  I remember crashing 3 times.  We battled through the lag to the front  !! 

In fact the event was great fun :)))   Dottie and I really enjoyed it :))) There was a great mix of people there and we encountered friends Janey Bracken and Hibiscus Hastings from the Metaverse News Group :)))

We stayed for the full two hours and were impressed by MommaLuv's great energy and stamina ... I think she only had a very short break for a drink of water midway through !  Part way through the second half the whole of the stage and that side of the building totally disappeared to view and the audience were left looking out to sea !!  In a spooky sort of way it just added to the fun and MommaLuv just kept on singing of course ... she was definitely out there somewhere !!  A sim restart would have spoilt the continuity of the event so was never really on the cards !!

We got the cake but lost the sim !!

My blogging ambitions for the day had come to nothing but it gave me an excuse to seek her out again ... Her music is so compelling !!


Tuesday 21st June was the longest day in the northern hemisphere ... summer solstice, and some events celebrated this.  Yay :))) MommaLuv was having a party at Cat's Club Music Circus, Hamburg !!

Cat's Club Music Circus

The big top at Cat's Club is one of the nicest music venues I've found :)) The circus tent has colour and interest, the enclosure of the tent gives it a nice intimate feel, the openness of the relatively small modest stage brings the artists and audience closer together.  There was no lag.  It provided the perfect backdrop for MommaLuv's show.  The venue is a great credit to owner and artist Cat Boucher.

Portrait of MommaLuv :)

MommaLuv is the only artist I've encountered so far who doesn't put out her own tip-jar and instead asks the audience to give all their tips to the venue. Now that's something new, and nice, and refreshing :)))

" Give tips and linden love to the venue please "

She's also only the second song-writer, the first is SOAR, who releases the lyrics of their songs, Momma gives out a notecard with many of her lyrics on there.

Club Owner, Cat Boucher

MommaLuv sings about peace, with a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and environmental perceptiveness.  Her third song Flower Power was about people who abuse nature ...

there was a man who just liked to take the flowers ......

And the next song ....

they took away all our toys
they separated girls and boys
we just want to play yes just want to play
as we wish for peace one day

Mellow Blues and Kings and Queens  tells us that kings without queens are sure to fall .........

V^vv^V HoWlLLzZz V^vv^V

Her song Eclipse is powerful and percussive.  It's a nice fun summer song about the sun.

I was told that even the sun and the moon share the sky at dawn ......

And her next song Concubine also made great use of drums.
...... ..... ....
stick me up
pick me out
from a line
of smiles
that are just upside down frowns
but I'll look happy
& that's all that will count
oh I wanna be a concubine
yeah that would be divine

the kamasutra would be my stride
of pimped up pride
guised within l-o-v equal e
or so I'll be told
...... ..... ....
Aiden Witrial and Partner Darlene Aura

Video maker Aiden Witrial was in the audience.  Aiden makes wonderful videos of Second Life events including a beautiful one of MommaLuv singing with Reis Alter which can be seen on YouTube.

You see I know all the bad boys 
who let me play with their toys
...... .....
will you be my DJ for me
and spin with your thumbs on for me

Dragons & Butterflies
dragons & butterflies dancing around
rubles and pence were a big mistake
instead they took bones
for houses they make
dancing around
no one's awake
laugh in the silence
the diamond is fake
...... ..... ....

tie down the house 
it will fly away
and marching parades
to the fine lovely tune
as dragons & butterflies
dance in the moon

rabbits and pumpkins
hump to the bliss
of what they could have
and the time that they missed

And there was birdsong :))

Starshine - Ormand Lionheart
Maiko Yheng
Misuki Yalin

At least one member of Momma's friends on stage was much more than might be evident:))  Starshine - Ormand Lionheart on keyboards is also a prize-winning video maker - see her channel fuzonacid on YouTube.

Far too soon the show came to a close..... 

" Thanks for making another special event here "

" Peace love and mayhem "

Words which sum up MommaLuv for me are -

She is brilliant !!  what an artist !  what a great entertainer !
She is powerful and strong and radiates enthusiasm yet she is also very cool and relaxed :))
She is interesting and provocative, colourful and vibrant, fun and amusing.
Her voice has a wide range and great flexibilty.

Thank you MommaLuv !  I look forward to your next show :)))

Further information about MommaLuv Skytower and many other Second Life live music performers can be found in our linked blog HERE

Watch Aiden Witrial's beautiful YouTube video of MommaLuv singing with Reis Alter HERE

and his video of MommaLuv at SL8B HERE

fuzonacid's SL8B video is HERE

Here's the SLURL to get to NAG

Here's the SLURL to get to SL8B Mainstage SE

Cat's Club is in the Hamburg City sim.  As well as a small and intimate music stage the colourful circus tent has trapezes, and cool places to balance, hangout, be photographed or just relax :))
Here's the SLURL to get to Cat's Club


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