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Reis and Ald Alter at Bonaire - 2-15pm Saturday 30th April 2011


As soon as I got this notice on Saturday my senses heightened, my heart raced and almost nothing else mattered.  I knew I had to be there !!

"  Unique event today -  2:15pm  - REIS and ALD Alter - In a pre-colombian landscape built for this event with some nice particle effects matching the music.  Only spiritual and deep hypnotic music.  Alternating electronic tunes to pieces sung by Reis from the Afro-Brazilian animistic tradition and the composers Giacinto Scelsi and Aldo Brizzi.  All will be deep, hypnotic, downtempo   "

I have heard brazilian singer Reis and italian composer of electronic music Ald three times before, at Bonaire, and at Fleure's Enchanted Corner.  Each time they had been hugely impressive and it had been a real privilege to be in the audience of such amazingly talented and wonderfully unique artists.  While I found writing this post difficult, because of my minimal knowledge of portuguese and italian and this genre of music, as a listener I can give my thoughts and views as to how it made me feel and how much I enjoyed it.

In fact the event was held in a specially constructed skybox ot Bonaire56 the home of Aiden Witrial.  The notice had warned that only 16 people could be there in this homestead sim. Dottie and I arrived 15 minutes early :))


We were advised to set our daylight to Blizzard, which is one of the Windlight settings, to best feel the ambience and atmosphere of the location and to see the particle effects.  That is what I used for these photographs.  The stage was set inside a walled garden, surrounded by massive stonework, with a white owl in a tree. All this combined to create a ghostly illusion of a south american landscape around the time of the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

To mysterious music hinting at the Andean music of today and with Ald sitting at keyboard Reis entered.

" Hello my friends I'm so happy to share with you this wonderful ambience here  "

Reis began by singing a capella a work by italian 20th century composer Giacinto Scelsi.  Both Scelsi and Aldo Brizzi (Ald Alter) have their biographies in Wikipedia.  Not only has Aldo worked with Scelsi but also Leonard Bernstein and Pierre Boulez.  To get an idea of the high standing and calibre of Reis and Ald read more of their background in our linked blog  " Directory of Performers of Live Music in Second Life "

Reis sings in portuguese or italian or french or english.  Whatever Reis sings might be described as technically difficult and whatever she sings she sings very well indeed, with perfect intonation and great flexibility.

Reis next piece, Ave Maria a capella, was as clear as a bell, almost echoing as though in a church, beautiful !!

Ald followed with a piece of his own for electronics and piano.  It was jazzy and minimalist and while it played it would have been possible to hear a pin drop !!

Reis sang the next piece Velada in portuguese.  This is an original work by Ald and with heavy drums it was powerful and primal.

And then a male voice was heard singing in a south american indian language accompanied by percussion.  It was very rhythmic and primitive with the light voice of Reis over the top in portuguese.

The sim was full !!  Krakov Letov landlord of Notes Shack Pub, himself a composer of electronic music sat by the camp fire.  He told me afterwards that this was the first time he had heard them experiment with different sounds and he thought their music really fitted well with the landscape.  He hoped to be able to hear them again.

Reis sang Vai Vai  and was followed by Ald playing a piece with drums and a samba-like latin rhythm.  It sounded almost like the birth of the samba from it's afro-brazilian roots.  

Throughout most of the concert there were particle-effects nicely focussed on the stage and near the camp fire.  These complemented the music nicely rather than competing with it.

Then came a set of three love songs composed by Ald -

Na Terra Do Sol (In the land of the sun) followed by Scrittura (Writing) were both lovely !!  The second was slow with an electronic backing.  They added to the amazing magical atmosphere of the whole event :))

The third Negro Amore was more ominous. " Porque me ataque ?
..... confundindo me "     Why do you attack me ..... confusing me.

Reis sang her final song Down Down Down in english

down down down
down down down
to the living dark
to the sightless realm
where the darkness is married to dark
happa hoo appa hoo appa down down down

This was a unique and exceptional event, and we really felt we were part of a unique experience.  There was brilliant integration of place, particles and music.  In fact the place really made the event far better than any ordinary stage and it's a lesson to all of us how important the place is in our enjoyment of music.  It was amazingly atmospheric almost taking us out of this world to another place and time.  It was perfectly choreographed, refreshing and inspirational.

Thank you Reis and Ald for sharing your music with us, and to Aiden Witrial for hosting it and for building the dramatic scenery which made such a perfect backdrop for this event :)))

Further information about Reis and Ald and many other Second Life live music performers can be found in our linked blog - HERE

PS 7th May  Aiden Witrial has put this brilliant video on Youtube

I'm not sure how long this special skybox will be open but here is the SLURL

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