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Senjata Witt and Madmax Huet at the Cottonfield Stage - 6pm Thursday 9 June 2011

Last Thursday, today and next Saturday there's another great programme of blues and blues-rock at Mississippi Delta :))

Mississippi Delta Programme

We arrived on Thursday at the Cottonfield Stage right at the end of AM Quar's set to find that the next artist on the programme, Strummer Vultee had cancelled :((  Luckily Senjata Witt stepped in to fill the gap at a moment's notice in front of an audience of 25 people.  A big thank you Senjata :))
Senjata Witt

Dottie and I had never heard Senjata before, though she's an established performer in SL, writing, singing and playing on acoustic guitar original blues, as well as covering some blues and rhythm and blues numbers.

AM Quar

In her originals Sen sings about a wide range of subject matter. 

Got my party dress and my little black book .......

I wish that I could be at that banquet at his mansion ......

No rest for the wicked we got bills to pay ......

I'm sleeping on the tracks ..... black as night .....

Her delivery is excellent and voice is strong, passionate, strident at times. It's very expressive making good use of loud and soft to make it dramatic. She is a very good guitar player using percussive taps and slaps to with great effect.  

Sen sang a cover of Little Willie John's 1956 song Fever later made famous by Peggy Sue.  

You never know how much I love ya
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a feeling that's so hard to bear
...... ..... ....

She certainly played that classic in her own very special way.  Wow !!  what a great contrast of soft to strong voice :))

Dottie and I enjoyed Sanjata's set very much and will look out for her shows and go hear her again :)))

Cottonfield owners Powell Goodman and Lee Marchant
Did the girl know HuntinHippy Bookmite was behind her !

Cottonfield always attracts an interesting and photogenic audience and Thursday was no exception with everything from crabs to red noses to baby :))

Jannete Jurado with baby :)

Madmax Huet is a Londoner who writes great original blues for electric guitar which he plays with backing tracks.  Slow blues, traditional blues, ones to do a slow shuffle to.  

Madmax Huet
Madmax's compositions are varied with an authentic blues feel and style.  His guitar playing is high quality and strong.  We were also treated to his great harmonica playing for three of his numbers :))

Cartwheels from Dottie !
Tellstar Clarity, Madmax's Partner

Madmax gave a strong performance of some great and very enjoyable music and was thanked by the Cottonfield's knowledgeable and appreciative blues fans :))  Dottie and I thought he was excellent !!

And so those are two of the very many fine Second Life live music performers.  Both well-worth seeking out to go and listen to around the grid. We really are spoilt for choice in SL !!

Further information about Senjata and Madmax and many other Second Life live music performers can be found in our linked blog - HERE

Here's the SLURL to get to the Cottonfield Stage

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  1. Another great night in the Cottonfield !!! Thanks to Lee, Powell, and Skeat for making it all happen for us !!!