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Pete Mroz at The Republic - 6pm Wednesday 10 August 2011

Against all odds and with great tenacity and determination after his investor pulled out, Pete (also known as Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler in SL) on Wednesday celebrated the release of his CD We'll Rise Above !!

Left with a sum of $20,000 to raise to finance the recording, Pete promoted his project with fervour, and with 120 backers ... ordinary people from all walks of life just met the deadline by the skin of his teeth !!

Wednesday's release party was a happy one indeed,  and Pete received the well-deserved congratulations of friends, fellow artists and fans !!

When his investor abandoned him Pete was told he didn't have enough fans to get the financial backing for the recording. It's not his nature to ask for help.  Now 6 or 7 months later, as a result of a team effort by hundreds of people we have this wonderful CD :))

Not only was Pete's audience of 45 people at The Republic treated to a first hearing of all 11 original songs from his CD, but we were given the stories behind the tracks and insights into the journey of the project from inception to successful conclusion :))  

" This is the most important of my albums to date because of that journey ... these songs are like children to me !! "

The 1st track on the CD is based on recollections of when he was 16 and living in Vero Beach, Florida.  He ran away with his girlfriend and they made it to Chattanooga, Tennessee :))

The American Fable

Remember the time
back when you were mine
with our feet in the sand
you would hold my hand
One day we ran
in my daddy's old chevvy van
we felt so alive, on Highway 75
Time slips away
and time moves on day by day
without your love
without your love  !!
your love where would I be !!
well your momma she was sad
and your daddy was so damn mad

All the backing tracks on the CD are beautifully orchestrated and crafted. Pete plays acoustic guitar effortlessly and sensitively.  The words and his singing on each track are very thoughtful and reflective.  This is popular music, and the themes are often romantic in the widest sense, of love and lost love, friendships and lost friends.

" She is now married with 4 kids still lives in Vero Beach "

Pete said that the next track  Back When We Were We  was a bit presumptuous of him ... he thought of it as what Paul McCartney might say to John Lennon.

Slept alone with your photographs and your epitaphs
and your goodbye notes
and the songs you wrote
back when we were we
and sweet harmony
I remember last September back when we were we
...... ..... ....

Pete told us that during the making of the CD he was at a party and BBQ in Los Angeles.  There he met a singer and not knowing who she really was asked " Hey do you want to sing on my CD ? "

Later he discovered to his embarrassment that he had been talking to vocalist songwriter Marcella Detroit, born Marcella Levy and also known as Marcy Levy.  Marcella wrote Lay Down Sally with Eric Clapton and joined Siobhan Fahey to form Shakespears Sister, singing Stay.  She has sung with Leon Russell, Aretha Franklin, Robin Gibb, Elton John and many more.

He wrote just to thank her for her music and had a reply " Yes ... I can come along and sing on your record :)) "

The next song  Get Away is perhaps my favourite -

I love you, I love you, I love you
that's not enough
and I've tried, I've tried, I've tried
your love is too tough
Come on and climb inside this heartache
this is what it sounds like when a heart breaks
watch it break
Cos where you are is where I've been
and where we're goin' we can't win no no
there's an angel and a devil
sometimes they look the same
when you're standing in the shadow of your loveless pain
got to get away
get away

It has a lovely bouncy melody on keyboards and drums.  Pete sings in a clear light, often delicate voice. 

" I wrote that song visiting Vera Beach. I was going through some tough times then. "

He wrote his 4th track with Second Life singer / songwriter Craig Gore. 

" I decided for Thanksgiving I was going to the Grand Canyon ... decided to hike to the bottom and back ... I don't hike !!  It brought me to my knees .... I crawled out !! :(( "

Open Up Your Eyes

Have you been to the bottom of the canyon
bottom all alone
take a little time and dare to climb
Open up your eyes and you will find
it's a bigger world and it's yours and mine
Open up your eyes
...... ..... .....

The next track he dedicated to his crazy maze.  Again this is a beautiful, slow, haunting, reflective song.

Crazy Maze
You turn you walk away
you hate those rainy days
my love
my crazy maze

I try to speak to you
am I getting through
my love
my crazy maze

Oh how her road it winds
...... ..... .... ...

" I wrote it in a stairwell in Birmingham, Alabama - I loved the acoustics there - just like an echo chamber :)) "

Lizzy Nightfire - Pete's Manager

After an argument with a girlfriend he put the phone down ... a week went by ... then he hammered out  Ride That Train  

Look up baby don't be down
noone ever looked good wearin' a frown
The sun is shinin' in her own way
even though the clouds haven't rode away
I want to ride that train
live love and laugh with you
walk through the fire and back again
Ride that train
heal hurt and hope with you
learn how to cope and do it again
ride that train
oh ride that train

Hear the words as they flow from my soul
I love you more than you'll ever know
it's a love that people die for
even more it's what I'm livin' for

" Ride that train baby !! ... like my uncle Lennox said.
You can buy my CDs with lindens ... it's my gas money ... its a crazy world "

" I hope you dig this next one :)) "  Yes I love the infectious bouncy melody on this one !!

Phone Calls And Photographs

Phone calls photographs
that's all that I have
Miss you, wish you
were here by my side
Baby don't you know
what your love does to me
I put my life on hold
hoping some day will be
more than phone calls and photographs
...... ..... .... ...

He dedicated his 8th song Stay to Gemma -

Step inside my heart
and tell me what you see
Is it so dark
that you can love me
'cos your knife cuts too deep
right down to the bone
What thoughts do you keep
when you are all alone
Here she comes
runnin' through my brain
and here she comes
like a shadow chased by pain
oh go away
won't you stay !

Again that clear, delicate, sweet voice which Traci Nubalo described as being like an angel.  This track has a haunting, cool, beautiful sound :))

" It was funny when Zach Grey came into the studio :))  He gets out his little bitty keyboard and has all these pedals like a mad scientist " 

Pete was going to name the CD "Open Up Your Eyes" but as he came back from LA he reflected on how the power of people rules, that everyone helped to lift this up with a " Yes we can !! " attitude and it made sense to call it  We'll Rise Above

" It reminds me of my father Lucky who passed away 2 years ago. He always said - keep a diamond in your mind son, don't let the weeds grow too high. 

This song We'll Rise Above goes out to Lucky "

The weeds grew high
..... .... ...
One day we'll rise, one day we'll rise, one day we'll rise, one day we'll rise, 
one day we'll rise above !!

There are such beautiful rhythms in this one !!

The last song on the CD Awake reflects the fact that for the first time in his life Pete is a full-time musician  " You've got to serve somebody ... I'm serving the music :)) "

I left her there
I'm on my way
she's still asleep
I'm wide awake
but oh the story goes

Awake !
now wide awake and I can see
...... ..... ....

to crackling sounds !!:((  " Look at that the stream's breaking up right at the last minute !!

Thank you all you rock !!!   Thank you all for coming out and listening :)))  "


And here are just a few of the many accolades Pete received ...

Zachh Cale:    Pete, congratulations, great recording, so clear sounding voice and production !!   So exciting to be first to hear.

Dear Misfit:    Absolutely beautiful music, a great accomplishment Pete !!

TwinGhost Ronas:    Great record Pete ... best luck of brother!

Trixie Bumbo:    Great party, thank you Pete !

Rusty Seisenbacher:   ♪♫♥ Applauds!!! ♥♫♪

And from me I say well done Pete !! It's a privilege to listen to your amazing work !!

Here's a link to my friend Traci Nubalo's Blog with her 11 February 2011 article about Pete's quest for support.

Here's a link to Pete's Website where you can read more of that quest and the making of We'll Rise Above.

You can hear some of Pete's songs at his Trax Listening Booth in SL.

Some of his tracks plus others not on this CD are on Spotify.

Further information about Pete Mroz can be found in our linked blog HERE

Here's the SLurl to get to The Republic

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