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Paradorn Ansar at Kickin Club - 11am Monday 15 Aug 2011

While originating in the Southern United States and Canadian Maritime Provinces the popularity of Country music has spread to many parts of the world.  Paradorn Ansar is a Dutch singer who sings classic Country music very well and with hardly a trace of his Dutch accent :))  Dottie and I caught up with him on Monday at the popular Kickin Club.

Paradorn's song list also includes classics from eg. Bon Jovi, Sting, Robbie Williams, Bob Dylan.  But this show was almost 100% Country and the audience loved it !!

His first song was Gary Allan's 2004 song Nothing On But The Radio 

...... ..... ....
Looks like we started us a fire
Wrapped up in flames of desire
With every touch their burning higher
Two shadows dancing on the wall
...... ..... ....

Para plays great acoustic guitar ... and in fact he sings with a good Country accent :))

Paradorn is a really nice guy, he's pleasant and entertaining, and has built up a good base of devoted fans.

His next song was Bob Seger's Living Inside My Heart from the soundtrack of the 1986 comedy-drama film About Last Night

When the sun came up this morning
And she smiled her smile for me
I felt it for the first time
Something deep inside of me
...... ..... ....

There were 40 people in the audience !!

Johnny Darrell's 1967 hit Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town was made famous by Kenny Rogers in 1969 making Number 1 in the UK charts.  This is a natural one for Paradorn's voice and style ...

...... ..... ....
It wasn't me that started that that old crazy Asian war
But I was proud to go and do my patriotic chore
And yes, it's true that I'm not the man I used to be
Oh Ruby I still need some company
...... ..... ....

Elvis Presley's 1957 song Don't brought out Para's rich, mellow, relaxing voice. He's a seasoned performer, comfortable in front of a large crowd.

Texan Don Williams recorded I Recall A Gypsy Woman  in 1973 

Silver coins that jingle jangle, fancy shoes that dance in time
Oh the secrets of her dark eyes they did sing a gypsy rhyme
Yellow clover in tangled blossoms in a meadow silky green
Where she held me to her bosom just a boy of seventeen
...... ..... ....

His rendition was a little bit halting ... somebody was telling Para jokes in IM " ... not supposed to read them but hey :)) "

Now this is one of the secrets of Para's success ... he makes personal contact with individuals in the audience ... they are not just a crowd.   He knows many of the individuals by name.  They have a history ... a history of fun at his shows :))

As well making frequent jokes with his audience Para packs a lot of songs into his shows !! 

Evangelina by Hoyt Axton         " YEEEEEEEAAAWWWWW!!!!! "

was followed by Jesse James  which was followed by Ray Charles

Georgia On My Mind      "**|* **** AAAOOOUUUW !!! **** *|**

It was not until Para's ninth song Midnight Special by Creedence Clearwater Revival that we heard some Dutch :))  By special request he sang the lines first in English then Dutch ... but admitted that the Dutch words weren't really designed for the music :))  Nevertheless it was more fun and the audience loved it !!!

Para is also romantic :)) He gave a smooth rendition of Irishman Ronan Keating's 2006 song This I Promise You 

My love, I can feel your heartbeat
As we dance now closer than before
Don't let go 'cause I could almost cry now
This is forever, I make this vow to you
...... ..... ....

Para had worked all day Saturday making a backing track for his next song, the Eagles Hotel California  ... " ok here goes nothing :)) "

In fact it was well put together ... he did a good job !!   It was nicely orchestrated and very much appreciated :))

Kickin Club Hostess - Yvanna
Then came what to me was Para's best song of the show Marie Lavaux by Bobby Bare.

Down in Louisiana where the black trees grow
Lives a voodoo lady name Marie Lavaux
she got a black-cat tooth and a mojo bone
and anyone who wouldn't leave her alone
she go yeeeeeeeah !!!
another man done gone !!!
...... ..... ....

What a brilliant choice for audience participation :)))

Marie, a Louisiana Creole was renowned in New Orleans as a Voodou priestess, sometimes referred to as a witch !!  The stories of Marie and her daughter - also Marie have got confused.  They had great influence over their multiracial following.

His 14th and last song was Johnny Cash's Ghost Riders In The Sky

" It's time to say goodbye ... get the horses :)) "

Para is not a flashy performer ... he is very good with his audience and a very good entertainer !!  His extensive list of covers, fine singing and acoustic guitar keep his fans coming back for more :)))

Further information about Paradorn Ansar can be found in our linked blog here.

Zara Beattie on the left is Paradorn's Manager

Here is the SLurl to get to the Kickin Club

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